"We offer the complete Odoo package for the Swiss market"

"We offer the complete Odoo package for the Swiss market"

In Switzerland, ERP On-Prem solutions continue to play a crucial role, but there is a growing interest in hybrid solutions. In an expert interview with Netzwoche, the Swiss ICT magazine for business decision-makers, Philipp Fux and Silvan Wyden, CEOs of braintec, explain the features that set the open-source platform Odoo apart from major names and discuss modules tailored specifically for Swiss companies.

For those currently using SAP R/3, the question of migration arises. What advantages does Odoo offer over SAP S/4 Hana, particularly concerning its integration capabilities?

Philipp Fux: Odoo is extremely flexible and future-proof. The open-source platform seamlessly integrates into other systems, distinguishing itself from SAP, which prescribes standardized workflows for all industries. Thanks to its agility, Odoo can also serve as software for specific business processes, allowing for the gradual replacement of subprocesses and the implementation of core processes. Odoo is also compatible with solutions from other competitors via simple and secure APIs.

How is Odoo structured? 

Silvan Wyden: The software is an all-in-one solution, comprising 66 apps, 30 main modules, and 39,000 country-, industry-, and company-specific applications. Odoo is arguably the most modern digitization platform for all use cases and business processes. It is easily scalable, fully integrated, and the apps communicate with each other. Processes like 'Order to Cash' or 'Procurement to Cash' are seamlessly integrated, configured, and directly usable.

Which industries is Odoo particularly suitable for?

Fux: Odoo is industry-neutral and suitable for all. Standard apps can be modularly assembled, allowing companies to build their individual ERP system and choose from 85 user languages. Modules such as CRM, finance including payroll accounting, HR, marketing, sales, purchasing, POS, and project management, covering core business processes, are integral parts of the Odoo Business Suite. Additionally, the entire e-commerce functionality with warehouse and order management, website, SEO, and newsletters is integrated.

Which modules or products are specifically tailored to customers in Switzerland?

Wyden: braintec offers the complete Odoo package for the Swiss market, including comprehensive financial accounting, VAT settlements, E-Bill dispatch, and QR invoices. The HR suite is tailored to Swiss payroll accounting and Swissdec certified. It also includes a time tracking tool according to Swiss legislation. For service sector companies, we provide an end-to-end solution, including customer service and helpdesk offerings for case management. This process automation helps customers efficiently handle subscriptions and process several thousand cases economically. And if desired by companies, braintec can provide the entire cloud infrastructure for hosting.

braintec is an Odoo Gold Partner in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. What benefits do your customers gain from this partnership?

Fux: We are not only a Gold Partner but also a three-time 'Best Odoo Partner Europe' and are present at 11 locations in Europe with a total of 85 employees. Since 2009, we have supported over 300 companies in their digital transformation. Working with Odoo ourselves, we have firsthand experience and can offer solutions of the highest quality. 

Wyden: braintec is well-connected in the Odoo ecosystem. As an internationally established full-service partner, we operate throughout Europe, the USA, and in China. Many leading companies rely on our Odoo expertise.

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