Odoo Website und SEO

Create your unique online presence with just a few clicks using the Odoo Website Builder. With the powerful SEO Suite by braintec, you also can improve your website ranking and visibility on search engines.

Odoo Website-Builder

Build Your Stunning Website with Ease: Responsive, Free, and Limitless Design Possibilities.
  • Open source, 100% free, multilingual, and responsive

  • Hosting with SSL certificate

  • Designing through drag and drop, using various themes, elements, shapes, and animations

  • Create custom design templates

  • Vast library of copyright-free photos, videos, and illustrations.

  • Automatic resizing of images and easy image editing with integrated graphic design tools

  • Real-time visitor analysis

  • Manage SEO titles, SEO meta descriptions, image selection and preview incl. keyword analysis tool for optimizing text for SEO.

SEO Suite by braintec: Boost the performance of your multilingual Odoo Website!

URL Translation

  • The Website Rewrite module translates your URLs into the desired language without redirection.

    • Create multilingual SEO-optimized URLs without redirection

    • Customize URL names to your preference

    • Automatically redirect broken internal links

    • Avoid unnecessary redirects and duplicate content

    • Seamless integration with third-party apps without additional extensions or development

SEO Sitemap

  • Optimize your multilingual website's sitemap for search engines.

    • Multilingual sitemap for your website

    • ntrol relevance and currency of content

    • Extract and add media such as images and videos

    • Exclude unwanted links and objects for a clean and SEO-friendly sitemap

SEO Metadata

  • Ensure optimal indexing of your website in search engines with precise robots meta tags and advanced meta descriptions.

    • Control robot tags for precise website management

    • Define specific instructions for robot tags at the page or record level

    • Optimize website structure by removing unnecessary tags


More performance 
for your Odoo
Website with
the SEO Suite
by braintec!


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