How one of the biggest retailers in Switzerland handle all its online orders with Odoo

Landi is one of the big retailers in Switzerland, organized in many local co-ops spread all over the country. Engrained in their DNA, is the close ties to their local customers, often from rural communities. Being founded by local farmers, this also manifests in their approach to eCommerce: When customers order, goods can be collected at the local store or delivered to their homes - but in any case, the order is always prepared in the local store, never in any central warehouse far away.

This created a solution that is very widespread and distributed in nature. A webshop that integrated with their existing website on one side and many interfacing systems for the fulfillment on the other hand - and all integrated with an existing IT landscape with master data coming together from different places - needed to be connected.

Here Odoo got the role as the cornerstone of the architecture. Every piece of information is routed through Odoo, which is the single source of truth for everything eCommerce.
Specifically, master data from different systems need to be handled and forwarded, every order is automated in Odoo and every step of the process is tracked in detail until the order is collected or delivered using one of the different delivery services and types. All customer communication through email, text, or push messages is centrally done through Odoo. Additionally, the Helpdesk app is used to handle all exceptions and customer inquiries centrally. Of course, the customer invoices and vendor bills are also automated and managed in Odoo.

For Landi, Odoo now does all the heavy lifting in the core of their eCommerce architecture that offers the 360° view of the operations as well as keeps the door open for dynamic and flexible development in the future.

This talk will give an overview of the architecture and deep dive into some remarkable details of the implementation that will be valuable to anyone thinking about using Odoo in an environment of existing other systems that need to be integrated.

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