Supporting Sustainable Energy Through Digitized, Efficient Application Processes

Braintec-group implemented a customised portal solution to digitally submit applications for the promotion of photovoltaic plants. Pronovo AG is a medium-size company responsible for processing and compensating of around 30000 subsidy applications of sustainable electricity producers per year. Therefore Pronovo AG is one of the key players in order to transform Switzerland into a sustainable, CO2 neutral country.

The tool consists of a frontend part (portal) and the backend part (where the subsidies are processed by Pronovo AG):

The Frontend part provides solutions for:
- User Registration and Management
- Dynamic Application Form for the subsidy
- Case form tempates in order to save time during the application

The Backend part provides solutions for:
- A rule based workflow engine to manage the applications
- Validation of the passed data including automated validation and integrated approval processes
- Integration of required third party system interfaces
- The administration of the dynamic application form
- The extended administration for portal users and and their roles
- Automated e-mails depending on the workflow of a case

With Odoo Pronovo AG is now way more efficient while processing and managing these applications.

Key learnings:
- How to provide dynamic portal views
- Digitalization of analog application processes

Value to the audience:
- Processing and digitalizing of applications of all kinds

Target audience:
- Project Managers, Consultannts, Clients

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