Using Artificial Intelligence to Recommend Products, Upsell, and Increase Revenue in Odoo

In this talk, I present an artificial intelligence-powered product recommender app for Odoo 14 that learns how different products are combined together from past sales, automatically fills in the convenient fields Odoo already provides, and thus allows for a more profitable upselling out of the box.

Motivation: Most medium to large-size companies need to extract insights from the data acquired by the daily operations that keep piling up in the database as unrelated records. The ultimate purpose of this insight is to find patterns that help increase revenue. While large companies have departments dedicated to extracting this valuable information, this is not usually the case for medium to medium-large size companies. I target this talk at this audience so they can make use of an app we developed for Odoo 14 that leverages the building blocks of Odoo to provide product recommendation.

Content: In this presentation, I talk about what a product recommender is, why it's important for non-small companies, which are the features you have to have a look at if you have to choose a product recommender, and then I present our product recommender app for Odoo.

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