Create Scale Pricing Lists With Odoo

Are you a trading company in need of offering volume pricing / scale pricing to your customers? Would you like to provide your customers with special prices if their orders amount to a specific quantity / volume? If the answer is yes, then this is your talk!

Standard Odoo pricelists allow you to define different sales prices for one product depending on the quantity you sell of that product. However, sometimes the price of a product does not depend on the quantity you sell of that product, but on the global quantity you sell in a whole sales order. Such a case is not covered by standard Odoo pricelists and that is why you need a specific Volume Pricing / Scale Pricing App.

Example of volume pricing / scale pricing:
- If your order contains 1-100 units of products A & B, the price of A is 10€ and the price of B is 15€.
- If your order contains 101-300 units of products A & B, the price of A is 9.50€ and the price of B is 14.50€.
- If your order contains more than 300 units of products A & B, the price of A is 9.00€ and the price of B is 14.00€.

Therefore, if your order contains 60 units of product A and 250 units of Product B, in total the order contains 310 units and thus, the prices applied are 9.00€ and 14.00€ respectively.

What does our app offer? It allows you to create scale pricing lists, which allows you to define the specific scale prices that a given customer has for a given set of products, defining for each product a specific validity period.

Key learnings:
- What is volume pricing / scale pricing?
- Limitations of standard pricelists
- Scale pricing app

Value to the audience:
- Managing volume pricing / scale pricing in any Odoo flavour (Community and Enterprise).

Target audience:
- Trading companies
- Companies wanting to boost their sales by offering scale prices
- Companies with complex pricing schemes

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