Odoo for SMEs

The open source software Odoo enables small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to fully digitize their operations in a single system and with a central master data base for all processes.

What braintec offers for SMEs

braintec supports small and medium-sized enterprises in planning and implementing their digitization strategy with Odoo. As the leading Odoo partner in Europe, we have successfully completed over 300 projects. With the world's most certified Odoo experts and our broad expertise in various industries and fields, we guarantee a qualified knowledge transfer for effective business processes. For SMEs without their own IT or process management department, we offer complete Odoo rollouts including operation and support.

The advantages of Odoo for SMEs

End-to-end solutions from sales and marketing to accounting, HR and project management, inventory and vendor management as well as manufacturing.

Odoo is a modern and sustainable ERP system that is easy to manage even without specific IT knowledge or an in-house IT department.

A central data master for streamlined processes without multiple or isolated data sets.

Seamless and simple integration without complex interfaces.

Odoo can – but doesn't have to – be migrated to the new version every year.

Innovation: With annual updates, the Odoo software is continuously evolving.

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Boosting efficiency with Odoo: 5 advantages for SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often use many different software solutions for individual business processes, which is complex, inefficient and costly. As a comprehensive business suite, Odoo covers all the basic business areas of an SME on one platform. The all-in-one software helps SMEs to optimize their processes, increase operational efficiency and improve profitability to succeed in the competitive market.

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Success Stories of SMEs

Kindschi Söhne SA

Kindschi is the largest distillery in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland and successfully trades spirits and wines from all over the world. Thanks to the digitalization of its business processes with Odoo, the SME has significantly increased its productivity: orders are processed faster, warehouse management has been optimized and internal collaboration has been simplified.

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TOPREGAL Ltd. is a Europe-wide operating SME from Germany that sells shelving systems for commercial warehousing as well as storage and factory equipment online. The company operates several locations in Germany as well as branches and warehouses in Great Britain, Portugal and Spain. Together with braintec, TOPREGAL has digitized the essential financial, sales and warehouse processes on Odoo.

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