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Improve your Odoo Accounting with braintec! We help with our well-founded financial expertise and with enhancements for your Odoo Accounting for country-specific standards for digitised and legally compliant financial accounting in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Odoo Accounting

A powerful software solution for your accounting and financial management. 
  • Automatic synchronization of bank transactions to reconcile transactions and update data in real-time.

  • Create, manage, generate, and send recurring invoices.

  • Generate custom journals and reports at the touch of a button, as well as precise representation of financial data for budgeting and forecasting.

  • Compliance: Various functions for compliance with legal requirements such as financial and tax regulations.

  • Odoo Accounting supports multiple languages and currencies, which is beneficial for companies with international customers and suppliers.

Financial solutions from braintec for Switzerland, Germany and Austria


Digital invoicing with eBill and QR invoices

As an official and certified software partner of PostFinance, braintec provides all users of the Odoo ERP business software with a standardized interface for sending and receiving electronic invoices.


  • Send invoices digitally and directly to your customers' e-banking systems
  • Reduced paper consumption and shipping costs
  • Recipients check and pay eBill invoices quickly and securely and with just a few clicks
  • eBill invoices are generally paid more punctually and on the due date
  • Automated processing of incoming payments in the Odoo accounting module

QR invoices

  • As of October 1, 2022, QR bills have replaced all previous payment slips in Switzerland
  • QR bill scan with webcam / mobile camera
  • Create new creditors from QR invoice information 
  • Automatically generate or assign suppliers from QR Invoice information


VAT accounting efficient, direct and automatic

Integrate the eTax module from braintec into your Odoo accounting module and submit your VAT statement electronically and standardized to ESTV-SuisseTax, the online portal of the Swiss Federal Tax Administration.

  • Creating the report in XML format

  • Upload with one click

  • Compliance with the conditions of FTA-SuisseTax and the CH standard for a uniform VAT declaration. 

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Manage subscriptions simply  

The extended subscription module from braintec helps companies which manage many subscriptions with recurring invoices.

  • Automatic creation of subscriptions from sales orders

  • Create and send invoices automatically

  • Generate subscription template with predefined time period

  • Billing by calendar period / Invoice in advance

  • Charging for subscriptions according to usage or services

  • Automatic creation of credit notes after changing or terminating a subscription

  • Merge all subscriptions into one invoice

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Digitize your
with braintec
and Odoo!


Financial solutions from braintec for Germany


Financial accounting according to IDW PS 880

Are you ready for the next audit? Enhance your Odoo financial accounting with the audit standard PS 880 from the Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer (IDW). With this add-on from braintec, you are relying on a certified and secure software solution. It guarantees

  • compliance with the legal and regulatory principles for proper accounting. 

  • the security and control requirements for the documentation of the electronic procedure.


GoBD Connector

The certified GoBD export interface by braintec guarantees technically compliant export of tax-relevant data via Odoo accounting to the tax audit authorities in Germany.

  • Technically compliant export of tax-relevant data in the description standard of the tax authorities 

  • Data exchange via Z3 data carrier transfer

  • Legally compliant preparation of data for the tax auditor and for import into the IDEA evaluation software

Additional Financial Solutions for Germany


DATEV Connector

DATEV, with its products "Unternehmen Online" and "Kanzlei Rechnungswesen," covers 75% of the German market for processing tax data. Therefore, for customers and accounting firms in Germany, braintec regularly implements a file-based partner module resp. connector to DATEV, or configures the export from Odoo version 16 using standard functions.

  • Export booking entries for simplified import into DATEV

  • Configure export according to tax advisor's specifications

  • Attach collected reference documents to booking entries

  • Define account lengths

  • Automatically assign creditor and debtor numbers

  • Automatically activate fixed posting indicator

  • Insert client and consultant numbers for the tax advisor

  • Group booking lines

  • Accumulate debit and credit entries

  • Optionally ignore foreign currencies

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