Odoo for Energy Companies

Companies in the energy sector manage complex networks, resources, and handle numerous cases. This calls for a flexible and scalable ERP solution. With Odoo, energy companies streamline their operational processes – from resource planning to monitoring their sustainability goals.

Digitalization in the Energy industry

The energy sector involves various players and systems. Seamless connection, integration, and communication among these entities enable efficiency boosts, enhanced customer experiences, and new business opportunities. 

braintec specializes in developing holistic strategies for digital transformation tailored to companies in the energy sector, utilizing the Odoo business software. Our focus is on meeting your company's needs in terms of technology and regulations alongside its organizational and cultural dimensions.

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Case management in the Energy sector

Simple and efficient data management, along with process automation, are crucial in case handling. Odoo Open Source ERP is a powerful case management software. It assists companies in the energy sector to efficiently, transparently and smoothly handle their cases, covering the entire customer journey in case processing:

  • Customer portal
  • Case management
  • Case processing and validation
  • Case coordination
  • Customer communication
  • Compensation
  • Documentation

To the Use Case

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The Odoo modules and apps from braintec for a seamless workflow in the energy sector



Organize and process your leads and customer activities transparently, structured and efficiently with the Odoo Customer Relationship Management.

  • Single point of contact management incl. complete history overview
  • Reduced data entry thanks to direct import, automatic creation of contacts and duplicate removal
  • Individual assignment and contact rules as well as criteria catalogs for processing and evaluating leads
  • Define and initiate company-specific sequences and actions


Creating an offer, negotiating the price, signing the contract electronically, issuing the invoice and requesting payment. This is how simple your entire sales process can be handled with the Odoo sales module.

  • Create offers from templates, product and service variants, price lists, measurement units, etc. and convert them into sales orders
  • Upselling by displaying additional products, product configurator, discounts or closing triggers
  • Support customers directly via quotes incl. automated archiving of correspondence


With Odoo's accounting module, you automatically synchronize your account statements with your bank, generate professional invoices easily and quickly, and create generic and dynamic financial reports. 

Für die Schweiz, Deutschland und Österreich hat braintec spezielle länderspezifische Standards für eine digitalisierte und rechtssichere Finanzbuchhaltung geschaffen. 



Website + eCommerce

Design your individual web appearance with the Website Builder from Odoo. Simple, without any coding effort and with a wide range of design options and features. And with AI, even in just a few clicks!

  • Open source, 100% free, multilingual, responsive
  • Hosting with SSL certificate
  • Design via drag & drop and with different themes, building blocks, shapes and animations 
  • Create own design templates
  • Use copyright-free photos, videos and illustrations
  • Automatic image resizing and easy image editing with integrated graphic design tools 
  • Real-time visitor analysis


With Odoo Helpdesk you manage all customer tickets and create customized answer modules or templates for the most common questions. Thanks to an integrated knowledge base, you can quickly and easily provide your customers with the information they need by sending them a link.


Field service

Organize and manage your tasks with the Odoo field service app. No matter where your employees are and with which mobile device they work.  

  • Schedule appointments and route
  • Assign tasks   
  • Track working hours and create weekly timesheets
  • Sell products
  • Design individual data sheets
  • Invoice your services  
  • Create quotes
  • Create reports