Odoo for Large Enterprises

Odoo is the perfect choice for large companies and corporations that require flexible and powerful ERP software. With its adaptability, integration options and scalability, Odoo helps large organisations to cover complex business requirements and increase efficiency.

Tailored solutions for every requirement

braintec provides large companies and corporations with a step-by-step implementation of Odoo. Initially, individual company processes are integrated into Odoo ERP, followed by core processes and ultimately all company workflows. This allows large businesses to benefit from the full power of the Odoo All-in-One suite as a comprehensive software solution.

What braintec offers to Large Enterprises


Tailored concept for the implementation of Odoo and development of additional or new features according to your specific requirements.

Project management

Dedicated team of Odoo experts leading the entire implementation and ensuring all milestones and schedules are met.


Data migration from old systems and seamless integration of Odoo ERP into other systems.


Comprehensive documentation and training for your employees to fully leverage Odoo's potential.


Complete system management with cloud hosting, constant monitoring, permanent availability and test server.


Dedicated support team and prioritized response time for technical support and assistance in using Odoo.

Elevate your Odoo journey with the leading partner in Europe!

Odoo Global Rollout for globally operating companies

For companies with multiple locations in different countries, braintec offers a comprehensive package for multinational Odoo software rollouts:  

  • Localization for globally standardized modules and templates.
  • Worldwide partner network within the Odoo ecosystem and with other certified experts.
  • Overall project management or selective support for a timely, consistent and high-quality implementation of your project.
  • Team of over 85 Odoo experts and internationally experienced project managers and a dozen locations in Europe.
  • Experience spanning Europe, Asia, the USA, and a proven framework for implementing complex global projects.

The Odoo Global Rollout offer by braintec 

Success stories of large companies

seven construction workers standing on white field

Post Baulogistik

braintec has digitized the entire project accounting process for the Construction Logistics business unit of Swiss Post. This involved seamlessly connecting sales and field service as well as human resources and integrating them into the Odoo business software. Find out in the interview how Swiss Post has gained efficiency and flexibility for a simpler daily work routine.

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SV Group

Together with braintec, the SV Group has digitalized its financial processes as well as the production, logistics and menu planning. The integration into the Odoo business ERP has optimized operational efficiency and simplified processes. The user experience for all stakeholders was improved and seamless data consistency from purchasing to the guest was created.

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LANDI Schweiz

braintec has designed and implemented an omnichannel system on the Odoo ERP software for LANDI Switzerland's online retail operations. This solution automates the entire order processing cycle from order placement to delivery and customer service.

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