Swiss Post Construction Logistics: "Odoo's flexibility surprises us every time"

Swiss Post Construction Logistics: "Odoo's flexibility surprises us every time"

Within its business unit Construction Logistics, the Swiss Post offers innovative services covering the entire field of construction logistics. In this interview, Josef Himmelsbach, Head of Operations Construction Logistics, and Daniel Häusermann, Head of Projects and Services, explain how the Swiss Post digitized its business processes with braintec and Odoo.

What is the mission of the post with the Construction site logistics?

We specialize in professionalizing and centralizing logistics on construction sites, providing comprehensive solutions from a single source. Our clients can concentrate on their core strengths while we handle all logistical responsibilities. 

From strategic planning beforehand to operational execution on the construction site, we organize the transportation to and from the site, ensuring that materials arrive efficiently and on time. Our focus lies on construction sites facing logistical challenges such as limited space in urban areas, time constraints, or general difficulties in material flow management. 

What challenges did Post Construction site logistics face before implementing Odoo?

Before Odoo, we managed data using Word and Excel. Employees had to juggle information between different systems, which was inefficient and confusing. We needed a unified platform to streamline and optimize our workflows.

What was the goal of introducing Odoo ERP?

Our goal was to connect and cover all our business processes comprehensively. Since our business model is hybrid, offering solutions for both logistics and construction, our use cases are diverse. The requirements for the software driving our digitization were accordingly high and varied. Additionally, it was crucial that the ERP could keep pace with our growth.

Daniel Häusermann, Head Projects and Services Post Construction site logistics

So, why did you choose Odoo as your business ERP?
We compared various Business ERP software options. Odoo impressed us right away because it's more than just an ERP; it fulfilled all our needs on a single platform. Furthermore, Odoo is extremely flexible, scalable, and integrates seamlessly with third-party systems.

Why did you choose braintec as your partner for implementing Odoo?

Among the four providers we considered, braintec understood our individual needs right from the start. The experts of braintec already covered a significant part of our specific requirements in the use case. This outstanding consulting service convinced us.

Can you describe the business processes that Post Construction site logistics has digitized with Odoo?

Odoo supports three key areas for us: sales and field service, as well as human resources. These processes closely interact in our daily work, and Odoo seamlessly connects them.

How does the time tracking in Odoo support the project invoicing of Post Construction site logistics?

We mostly bill our projects based on the hours worked. Therefore, time tracking is crucial for us. Thanks to Odoo, our employees can now log their work hours themselves and report them directly to the respective projects. This not only enables efficient project invoicing but also straightforward validation and ready-made invoice generation based on the recorded data. 

What are the benefits of Odoo ERP for human resources and sales?

Our employees can independently organize and approve their vacations and other attendance times through Odoo. This transition has noticeably eased the daily work routine, especially for our administrative staff. As part of the digital transformation, we have also equipped all employees with digital devices. This allows them to access Odoo from anywhere and anytime since they only need an internet connection.

For creating quotations, we utilize the Sales app. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, we can easily and quickly draft quotes and send them directly from the construction site. 

How has Odoo improved the work documentation for your team?

In the past, our employees had to fill out two separate forms to document defects or additional on-site work. Now, defect reports and additional work reports are centralized as templates in the Odoo Field Service App. We now find all information in one place rather than scattered across Excel sheets, emails, and other documents. This has made our work documentation and employee scheduling much simpler.

What are the highlights in your daily work with the Odoo Enterprise Software?

Our employees enjoy working with Odoo and appreciate having an outstanding tool at their disposal. Particularly noteworthy is the positive feedback regarding the uniform design of templates and the ability to customize reports. 

In terms of the user experience, Odoo ERP impresses with its flexibility and functionality. Odoo's flexibility in particular surprises us every time. With just a few clicks, we can easily create the desired documents and have a complete overview.

Can you quantify the benefits you have achieved with the introduction of Odoo with braintec?

We were able to significantly reduce administrative effort. Through the gained efficiency, we have achieved a time savings of 30% to 40%.

 Josef Himmelsbach, Head Operations Post Construction site logistics

How was the collaboration with braintec?
The collaboration with the Odoo Partner braintec worked wonderfully. We achieved what we set out to achieve. The fact that the braintec team could provide specific functionalities within days particularly impressed us. The collaboration is straightforward and highly constructive.

Could you give us an outlook for future digitalization with Odoo?

With the successful completion of the first phase, we have laid the foundation for integrating all our business processes into Odoo. Now, we are at the beginning of the next phase, which we are approaching with great motivation alongside braintec. The goal is complete digitization in Odoo, so that we have everything under one roof. We are very much looking forward to it.

In the "Bauherren Podcast Schweiz", Josef Himmelsbach provides further insights into how the Post Construction Logistics has increased its efficiency with digitalized processes (in German): 

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