Global Odoo Rollout

Are you a multinational company with multiple locations in different countries and looking to implement Odoo Business Software on a global scale? Then braintec is the perfect partner for you. With our extensive and longstanding experience, we efficiently and effectively execute your global Odoo software rollout, ensuring sustainable success.

Global Network

We have a worldwide personal network with other Odoo Gold partners and experts, enabling us to collaborate and gain access to country-specific expertise and niche markets.


As the gatekeeper and your primary point of contact, we maintain control over your global software rollout. We ensure that it is executed timely, consistently, and with the highest quality.


We have successfully implemented projects throughout Europe, as well as in China, the USA, and Taiwan. We are well acquainted with the challenges and best practices of global software rollouts and the Odoo business ERP.


Mit unserem Team von über 80 Odoo-Experten und international erfahrenen Projektleiter/innen verfügen wir über die erforderlichen Kapazitäten, um Ihr Projekt reibungslos zu implementieren. braintec selbst ist mit zehn Standorten in der Schweiz, Österreich, Deutschland und Spanien vor Ort.

Think global, act local: The Global Odoo Rollout offering from braintec

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We develop your global templates on the Odoo Business Software according to industry and/or your organization's specific requirements. Based on our experience, standardized templates can be used identically in 80% of markets, while the remaining 20% require localization.

Depending on your needs, we can handle the complete localization of your Odoo project directly or collaborate with our local partners who have regional expertise and language skills, giving them a home advantage. Throughout the process, data and code remain with braintec.

Project Management

At braintec, communication lines are short, and structures are clear. In your project, we are your sole point of contact. We adapt flexibly to your needs and either take full project management responsibility in the specific country or provide targeted support.

In all cases, we ensure that information flow, communication, and coordination between different locations and teams are smoothly organized and consistently aligned. Code reviews by our experts are an integral part of our standard process for quality assurance.

Partner Network

Our network in the Odoo ecosystem consists of carefully selected Odoo Gold partners who, like us, have extensive experience with the ERP software and possess the current Odoo certifications.

All our partners have demonstrated success in implementing Odoo projects and have relevant references. We also ensure that our Odoo partners share a similar corporate philosophy and strategy, and uphold the same values as us.

The Benefits of Odoo as a Global Template Standard

  • The Odoo Business ERP offers a wide range of country-specific localizations.

  • Odoo unterstützt über 85 Anwendersprachen, aus denen Sie Ihr Gesamtsprachpaket gemäss länderspezifischen Bedürfnissen wählen.

  • Fehlende Systembegriffe können in Odoo selbst generiert oder als Übersetzungen bearbeitet werden.

  • With Odoo, multiple companies and locations can be managed within a single database, enabling efficient and centralized administration in different countries.

  • Odoo Open Source ERP ist sehr flexibel, skalierbar und kann bei Bedarf schnell erweitert sowie an neue Anforderungen angepasst werden.

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Global Odoo Trade Platform for Migros Industry

braintec successfully developed a global trade platform for Migros Industrie in China, the USA, France, and Germany.

The trade platform comprises standardized templates for the procurement, sales, and accounting processes. This enables the Swiss retailer to manage its operations consistently and efficiently across all countries, ensuring seamless control over international trade. Additionally, country-specific functionalities and an EDI interface were integrated to facilitate fast and secure data exchange on a global scale.

Furthermore, a data warehouse was implemented to simplify data analysis for the headquarters. It centralizes and consolidates data from various countries and sources into a unified system, streamlining the process of information evaluation.

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