Odoo for Case Management

Odoo Open Source ERP is a powerful case management software. It helps companies to handle their cases efficiently, transparently and smoothly.

Odoo Case
Management Software

Simple and efficient data management and process automation are crucial in claims processing. In Odoo, the entire customer journey of case processing can be mapped, allowing all data to be centrally available in one place.

  • ​Customer portal
  • Case management
  • Case processing and validation
  • Case coordination
  • Customer communication
  • Compensation
  • Documentation

Odoo is also flexible, scalable and can be easily adapted to the specific requirements and individual business processes of companies. In addition, the all-in-one ERP Odoo offers an intuitive user interface, easy navigation and can be connected to third-party systems with ease.

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Innovative Application Management with Odoo

For our customer Pronovo, we have developed and implemented a customized case management tool in Odoo ERP for the submission of funding applications. The solution simplifies case management and consists of both a frontend and backend component.

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Which industries use Odoo for their Case Management?

Service Providers

Companies in the service sector offering helpdesk and customer service utilize Odoo as case management software to manage contracts, track support requests, maintain service level agreements and communicate with customers.

Law firms

Legal professionals use Odoo software to track cases, meet deadlines and organize their documents.

Real Estate

Real estate companies use Odoo for managing customer inquiries, offers, lease agreements, and sales processes.


In the telecommunications industry, contract management, service and support requests as well as the planning and implementation of technical projects and monitoring of disruptions are managed in Odoo ERP.

Public authorities

Government offices and authorities use Odoo as a case management tool to process funding applications, implement compliance requirements and create reports for various stakeholders.


In the medical sector, Odoo ERP is used for patient care, medical records and billing processes.

Consulting companies

Coordinate their case management in Odoo and organize contracts, consulting services, project progress, time tracking and communication with clients.

Insurance companies

Process a large number of claims, review, coordinate, evaluate and pay out via Odoo.


Schools, universities, and other educational institutions use Odoo for managing teacher and student data, courses and teaching materials, exams, and communication.

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