Odoo Connectors

Are you looking for customized connectors tailored to your specific country or industry needs in Odoo? We offer verified extensions and industry standards for diverse business sectors, which can be easily adapted to match your unique requirements and further enhanced.

        Interfaces by braintec for Odoo ERP


          EDI Connector

          The EDI interface by braintecis an extension for Odoo documents. It enables secure, electronic data exchange between companies in the standard format of Electronic Data Interchange.

          • Exchange business documents, information and payments in the shortest time possible
          • Geringere Kosten, weniger Fehler und Zeitaufwand dank Automatisierung

          BMD Connector

          The BMD Connector by braintec for Odoo helps Austrian companies, tax consultants and auditors to feed their accounting data into the BMD accounting software.

          The connector is an add-on for Odoo accounting and Odoo invoicing. All relevant data from general ledger accounts, personal accounts, and PO-ent imports in CSV format from Odoo are exported and imported into the BMD software.


          • Automated creation of BMD exports
          • Automatic creation of a separate account for each new customer or supplier at the first invoice booking
          • Logging of all previously created exports

          GoBD Connector

          The certified GoBD export interface by braintec guarantees technically compliant export of tax-relevant data via Odoo accounting to the tax audit authorities in Germany.


          • Technically compliant export of tax-relevant data in the description standard of the tax authorities
          • Data exchange via Z3 data carrier transfer
          • Legal preparation of data for the tax auditor as well as for import into the analysis software IDEA

          DATEV Connector

          DATEV, covers with "Unternehmen Online" and "Kanzlei Rechnungswesen" 75% of the German market for processing tax data. For customers and accounting firms in Germany, braintec regularly implements a file-based partner module resp. connector to DATEV, or configures the export from Odoo version 16 using standard functions.

          • Export booking entries for simplified import into DATEV
          • Configure export according to tax advisor's specifications
          • Attach collected reference documents to booking entries
          • Define account lengths
          • Automatically assign creditor and debitor numbers
          • Automatically activate fixed posting indicator
          • Insert client and consultant numbers for the tax advisor
          • Group booking lines
          • Accumulate debit and credit entries
          • Optionally ignore foreign currencies

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