Audit-proof storage of documents in Odoo

We can consider a document "audit-proof" if its content cannot be lost or modified once it is created.

Some countries, such as Germany [1], have rules which require some documents to be tracked in order to ensure, among others requirements, that they have not been modified.

We have developed a module which adds this functionality to Odoo.
- It gives a quick overview of the status of the files.
- It allows to select the models whose files will be audited by the company.
- It contain reports with information of the integrity of the files.

Key learnings:
We will introduce a module which implements audit-proof in Odoo, including examples, in order to show its potential.

Value to the audience:
You will learn what our module can do in order to use it in your Odoo (or to offer it to your customers in case of an Odoo partner) and forget about this topic.

Target audience:
Any people whose project is based on countries that require to audit the files in order to guarantee they follow the standards.


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