Powerful and Flexible Odoo File Data Importer

Many projects need at some point to do massive and complex imports of data from their systems to Odoo.

In this cases, usually we find many different problems with the data quality given or it could be that we cannot match existing records already imported or created in the system, the import of massive data is too slow. Or we are not able to import and create all related models records at the same time, forcing us to plan for it and make the process slow and complex. Even more when an error occurs.

For example, trying to import products with their variants and attributes or categories, etc. Or Purchase Orders with their Lines on a single file.

For this reason, Braintec-group has developed a specific tool to extend and add new features to the existing Importing options given.

With this module, the users can:
- Import data for several related models at the same time from a single file.
- Import data on batches, or select different delimiters, or columns. Or define conditions to skip some lines or inactive records.
- Import data based on any field to compare existing records.
- Decide to import data based in another related model records.
- What actions this data needs to perform in the Database.
- Code a few lines in the import to transform the data or add new data before inserting it if needed. Or check that related records already exist in the Database to allow the import of the line.

And many more features. With almost endless possibilities. All supported by Job Queue.

The value to the audience is given in a demo explaining and showing how all these features work for the most typical situations where we can make use of them to make easier the import of massive data from our clients to an Odoo system.

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