Odoo offers from the core an LDAP integration. This integration is very helpful in LDAP based environments to manage users in a central place. Our App extends the functionality with clean group integrations so that LDAP OU’s can match user groups in Odoo and the group participation can be managed centrally. All transactions are logged "in a clean way" and users can be deactivated as well inside LDAP.

Watch this talk to find out how to manage user roles in bigger IT environments and see a real use case (500 Employees and a very frequent change of users). Target audience: End Users / Administrators / Integration Partners (no technical background needed).

Try Odoo online at https://www.odoo.com

For more information concerning the talks, please visit: https://www.odoo.com/event/odoo-experience-2019-2019-09-30-2019-10-04-1629/agenda

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