Knowledge is power! Empower your employees with Odoo.

Odoo provides you with the tools to maximize the knowledge of your employees. This talk focuses on the apps that allow you to empower your employees with advanced knowledge management.
Are you a project manager, product owner, or functional consultant? Then this talk is for you. You will learn how good knowledge management will allow you to do better Odoo projects.


Knowledge (new)
Skills Management
In addition to those apps, this talk will highlight the features that allow you to embed knowledge in key processes. Examples:

Quality checks with detailed instructions.
Manufacturing orders with worksheets.
For Odoo projects, it is essential to have a strategy for knowledge building and training. For this reason, we will also address the following questions:

Who should you train?
When should you train?
How should you train?
Drawing from his experience at braintec, the biggest Odoo partner in Europe, Nicolas Frei will share insights gained in Odoo projects since 2014.

Target audience:
Project managers, product owners, and functional consultants

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