Professional project management is a major success factor in ERP projects. Scrum is an agile project management framework that fits the Odoo world perfectly. This talk will focus on requirements management, prototyping with Odoo Studio and delivery in larger Odoo projects.

Requirements Management:
- Backlog & User Stories: How to manage requirements in an agile way.
- Need a Scrum board? Use Odoo!
- "Must Have's" and how to get rid of them.

Prototyping with Odoo Studio:
- Rapid prototyping saves time and money.
- Use the powers of Odoo Studio to impress your audience.

- Go-Live and releases: Start small and early. Release frequently.
- Training: How to train employees effectively in the times of COVID-19.

Why Scrum?
Odoo's "Implementation Methodology" has many things in common with the agile approach of Scrum. In larger projects, Scrum has the advantage of providing more structure for teams consisting of several consultants and/or developers. The goal of this talk is to highlight success factors in large Odoo projects. Drawing from his experience at brain-tec, the biggest Odoo partner in Europe, Nicolas Frei will share insights gained in many large projects since 2014.

Are you a Project Manager, Scrum Master or Odoo Consultant? Do you want to implement Odoo in your company? Then this talk is for you.

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