Efficient Case Management in Odoo

For our customer Provono we developed and implemented a customized online portal for the submission of grant applications. This solution streamlines case management and comprises both a front-end and back-end component.

Pronovo AG is mandated by the Swiss government to process and also pay out subsidies for photovoltaic systems. The company handles around 30,000 applications from private and institutional electricity producers every year. This makes Pronovo AG to one of the key players when it comes to supporting Switzerland on its way to becoming a sustainable, CO2-neutral country.

Case Management Software for Renewable Energy Funding

In the video, our project manager Damian Bürgin and Hansjörg Bless, Head of Operations at Pronovo, explain how the Odoo solution implemented by braintec supports Pronovo's employees in their daily work.   


The case management software includes the frontend, where the applicants submit their case, and the backend, where the subsidies are processed.  

Discover more about the case management solution on Odoo Business ERP and its features in both the front-end and back-end.

  • User registration and management

  • Dynamic subsidy application form

  • Customized templates to save time during the application process

  • A rule-based workflow control for managing the applications

  • Verification of submitted data including automatic validation as well as integration of the approval process

  • Integration of interfaces to third-party systems

  • Management of the dynamic application form

  • Advanced administration for portal users and their roles

  • Automated e-mail dispatch for the corresponding workflows

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