Efficient Case Management in Odoo

Efficient Case Management in Odoo

For our customer Provono we developed and implemented a customized online portal for the submission of grant applications. This solution streamlines case management and comprises both a front-end and back-end component.

Pronovo AG is mandated by the Swiss government to process and also pay out subsidies for photovoltaic systems. The company handles around 30,000 applications from private and institutional electricity producers every year. This makes Pronovo AG to one of the key players when it comes to supporting Switzerland on its way to becoming a sustainable, CO2-neutral country.

Managing this volume of applications required digitization and automation of case processing. In collaboration with braintec, a customized solution was developed and implemented in Odoo.

In the video, our project manager Damian Bürgin and Hansjörg Bless, Head of Operations at Pronovo, explain how the Odoo solution by braintec supports Pronovo's employees in their daily work.


Case Management Software for Renewable Energy Funding


  • Frontend part for applicants to submit requests.
  • Seamlessly connected backend part for the employees of Pronovo to process the subsidies. 
  • In addition, regulatory requirements demanded the implementation of a digital authorization concept that regulates security measures such as access control and encryption.


  1. User-Centric Customer Portal
    Applicants can easily and quickly create a login and then access the customer portal. There, they can create requests and submit all necessary data and documents to initiate case processing. Thanks to various form templates, they save time during data entry.
  2. Case management at various stages
    The concise Kanban board in Odoo helps Pronovo employees to keep track of the status and progress of applications in real time. Rule-based workflow control and the seamless integration of the front end and back end make data processing quick and easy.
  3. Automated application processing and validation
    All submitted documents are reviewed according to company-specific defined rules. The integrated tariff calculator assists both the applicants and Pronovo employees in determining the funding amounts. The analysis and reporting functions in Odoo also help them to make substantiated decisions and accurately plan all the necessary services and resources.
  4. Streamlined case coordination  
    During case processing, Pronovo coordinates applications between multiple organizations. Various roles and authorizations are assigned to third-party specialists via Odoo. This allows secure and automatic access management for efficient validation of cases by other authorized external parties.
  5. Individual customer communication
    Communication with customers and other stakeholders is managed through the integrated customer service module in Odoo. Pronovo employees have access to ready-made response templates and modules for correspondence, which can be personalized with just a few clicks. Moreover, they are able to provide the applicant with links to share information and answer frequently asked questions. All correspondence is automatically archived.
  6. Disbursement and documentation
    The payout transaction will be prepared and released. The case is completed and automatically documented and archived.

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