Odoo Hosting

Together with our partners, we provide the full infrastructure for hosting your Odoo Business ERP Software in the cloud. With the comprehensive hosting package from braintec, you're opting for a very high security standard, safeguarding your sensitive data and ensuring the smooth operation of your Odoo software.


We constantly monitor and analyze your productive Odoo hosts in order to react immediately to needs such as increased usage or other hardware requirements.

Data Security

We regularly review all systems as part of IT security audits conducted by external specialists to protect your data from cyberattacks. 

Linux Team

Our team of experienced Linux specialists supports you with individual requirements.


We ensure that your entire tech stack is always up to date to guarantee maximum performance and security.

Security Updates

We carry out regular security updates to eliminate potential vulnerabilities and protect your data. 

Maximum Performance

We guarantee maximum performance and availability of your Odoo software.

Odoo Monitoring

We monitor the performance of Odoo services to ensure optimal functionality and detect bottlenecks early.

Multiple Backup

We back up your data multiple times or on two different levels.


your company
with braintec
and Odoo!

Air Gap Backup

Increase the security level of your productive systems with the Air Gap Backups from braintec. Compared to other hosting options, we offer a very high level of data security.

With Air Gap Backups, we guarantee ultimate data security by physically isolating your data from networks and keeping it offline. In the event of an attack or data loss, you can count on a reliable and non-compromised data source for recovery. Furthermore, Air Gap Backups meet the strict security standards and regulations in various industries and secure your data in encrypted form.

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