Odoo for logistics + production

Get the full picture! With the all-in-one business software Odoo you organize, control and optimize your logistics and production processes easily and efficiently.  

Digitization and automation in warehouse operations

Our customer TOPREGAL recently opened a new warehouse. This use case required that all processes in all four halls are systematically connected and automated. As a result, work processes can be carried out more efficiently and simply, and resources and time can be saved. The extension of the Odoo warehouse module contains:

  • the automatic allocation of empty storage spaces upon delivery.

  • The structured, standardized and digitized inventory management in every detail.

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Odoo Inventory


Manage your warehouse movements smoothly and efficiently - from inbound, to storage, to outbound.

  • Unique stock management with double inventory structures all warehouse operations into inventory movements between individual locations

  • For a single inventory or a complex environment with multiple warehouses
    Inventory management for zones, products, lots or pallets/boxes

  • Define hierarchical locations such as zones, aisles, shelves, etc.

  • Cross-docking: transfer incoming goods directly to outgoing gates without the need for intermediate storage

  • Drop-shipping: Direct delivery via suppliers to customers based on products, orders or customers

  • Define order operations, such as single-step (delivery order) or multi-step (pick, pack, ship) delivery process

  • Create user-defined fields for product management

  • Activity log and ongoing inventory valuation

  • Search with barcode or filter by any criteria

  • Data input with or without barcode scanner

  • Integrated unit conversion

  • Dashboard and automated reporting 

  • Automated stock replenishment with Odoo Purchasing

  • Online customer portal

  • Easy integration with other software or hardware via API 

    Odoo Manufacturing

    The best production assistant you will ever have!

    Get orders done faster with Odoo Manufacturing. Manage minimum stock levels, make-to-order, and the production schedule to automatically plan and execute production. Integrate your routings, rules and lead time to optimize inventory levels and avoid shortages.



    Digitize your
    company with
    and Odoo!


    Optimize your workflow in logistics + manufacturing with the following modules and Odoo extensions from braintec



    With Odoo's accounting module, you automatically synchronize your account statements with your bank, generate professional invoices easily and quickly, and create generic and dynamic financial reports. 

    For Switzerland, Germany and Austria, braintec has created country-specific standards for digitized and legally compliant financial accounting. 




    Increase your productivity with the Odoo document management system and the following smart extensions and add-ons for a paperless and automated workflow:

    • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) from braintec for a secure, electronic data exchange in a standard format

    • Odoo eSign for the electronic signing of documents




    Organize and process your leads and customer activities transparently, structured and efficiently with the Odoo Customer Relationship Management.

    • Single point of contact management incl. complete history overview

    • Reduced data entry thanks to direct import, automatic creation of contacts and duplicate removal

    • Individual assignment and contact rules as well as criteria catalogs for processing and evaluating leads

    • Define and initiate company-specific sequences and actions



    Creating an offer, negotiating the price, signing the contract electronically, issuing the invoice and requesting payment. This is how simple your entire sales process can be handled with the Odoo sales module.

    • Create offers from templates, product and service variants, price lists, measurement units, etc. and convert them into sales orders

    • Upselling by displaying additional products, product configurator, discounts or closing triggers

    • Kundenbetreuung direkt via Angebote inkl. automatisierte Archivierung der Korrespondenz


    Import your suppliers' price lists, set procurement rules and minimum stock levels for automated purchase bidding and stock replenishment.

    • Manage purchase: Determine quantities, storage locations and movements for delivery.

    • Manage products: Define characteristics, availability, sales and warranty conditions.

    • Integrated unit of measure conversion and analysis function

    • Data input with or without barcode scanner 

    Extract of braintec customers which use Odoo for their logistics and manufacturing processes