Odoo Migration

Odoo SA releases a new Odoo version every year. Our employees immediately complete the appropriate certification after the release of each new version in order to provide our customers with the best advice on the latest version of the Odoo Business ERP software.

The current version Odoo 16 was introduced in October 2022. 

braintec is a certified partner for Odoo 16 in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

The new versions focus on the optimization and further development of the Odoo standard modules for a stable, high-performance and future-oriented use of your Odoo all-in-one ERP software.

The reasons for migration

  • EOL End of Life of your Odoo version: We recommend a migration for versions that have been in use for more than 5 years

  • Fixing security gaps

  • Increase performance

  • New and optimized features for your business

  • Improved user interface



Get in touch with us for any questions about Odoo migration! 


The migration process in five steps

Migration is the process of upgrading from an existing Odoo version to the latest Odoo version. This involves going through various phases that are necessary for a smooth transition to the new version. We would be happy to support you with our many years of expertise in all aspects of the all-in-one ERP software Odoo, from the analysis to the go-live of your migration project.

1.  Pre-Migration

A migration is the perfect opportunity to evaluate your current systems and determine if your third-party apps or custom developments are already supported by the new Odoo version. With a thorough technical and functional analysis, we ensure that only necessary code is migrated, avoiding any unnecessary expenses.

2. Code Level Migration

With a valid Odoo Enterprise contract, you are entitled to migrate all standard Odoo Enterprise modules at no cost. The migration is organized by braintec and carried out by Odoo S.A.. Alongside the migration of the standard code, the customer-specific code will be migrated and tested directly by braintec using the current database.

3. Testing phase and Feedback Cycle

After the technical implementation of the code migration, the migrated Odoo version needs to be tested intensively by the users. This involves running through several iterations to identify any errors, which are then immediately corrected until a stable version exists that can be released.

4. Go-live

Once all the necessary preparations are made, we support you in going live with your new Odoo version.

5. After Go-live

Our Customer Care Team will support you after go-live with professional assistance.
Rely on a smooth and efficient experience with the new Odoo version at any time.