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The HR Suite by braintec for Odoo ERP software enables Swiss companies to efficiently manage their payroll, personnel, and applicant processes on a single platform. This all-in-one solution integrates Swissdec-certified payroll accounting with the unified payroll reporting procedure (ELM) for a legally compliant electronic transmission of your salary data.

Your entire HR lifecycle in one solution

Swissdec-certified payroll module

Time recording according to Swiss legislation

Future-oriented, legally compliant and without interfaces

Your new talent: The HR Suite by braintec for your Odoo ERP

Create the perfect experience for your employees and more time for your Human Resources team!

Swissdec-certified payroll accounting

The HR Suite by braintec seamlessly integrates the Swissdec-certified payroll module, allowing you to effortlessly handle your payroll accounting in a digital and streamlined manner on the user-friendly interface of the Odoo business software. 

The payroll module integrates all pre- and post-payroll operations and complies with all legal standards for the electronic transmission of relevant payroll data to various social security institutions and authorities, thanks to the Unified Payroll Reporting Procedure (ELM).



Time recording and management

Manage the working, attendance and absence times of your employees with an integrated solution that complies with the standards of Swiss legislation. 

  • Recording holidays for different work locations within a company
  • Overview of the current time balance with one click incl. calculation of absence and free times
  • Definition of break times and control of breaks based on attendances
  • Automatic checkout function as well as start and end time button  
  • Define time balances by type (planned/actual, breaks, vacations, night work, Sunday work, vacation work)
  • Overtime hours and extra time
  • Complete year-end closing and transfer balances with one click 

All touchpoints of the Employee Journey seamlessly integrated within the HR Suite

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