Selling online? Easy with Odoo!

Selling online? Easy with Odoo!

braintec has designed and implemented a comprehensive omnichannel solution for the online commerce of LANDI using the ERP software Odoo. This solution automates the entire order process from the receipt of online orders to delivery and customer support.

LANDI Schweiz comprises 270 LANDI stores in German-speaking and Western Switzerland, offering local products and services in the food, non-food, and agricultural sectors. As one of the largest retailers in Switzerland, LANDI places great emphasis on high-quality and personalized customer service, including customer experience in digital commerce. LANDI customers can choose to have their online orders delivered to their homes or pick them up at a local store.

Focus on Customer Proximity and Efficiency 

To further enhance the shopping experience and personalize it, LANDI focuses on local sales outlets. Online orders are processed decentrally in the respective LANDI stores, while the management of the entire online commerce, including customer support and communication, as well as financial flows, is centrally controlled by LANDI Schweiz.

At the core of this omnichannel strategy lies the business software Odoo, which brings together various business processes, internal and external sales channels, systems, and interfaces. Additionally, the software acts as a link between the LANDI stores, which are organized into approximately 100 cooperatives, and the headquarters of LANDI Schweiz. Thus, the Odoo ERP handles sales to end customers and directly procures from regional cooperatives.

The omnichannel solution with Odoo enables LANDI to streamline operations and efficiently operate in digital commerce. It combines the benefits of local presence and direct customer contact with centralized management.

All processes are fully centralized and automated, simplifying communication between different internal entities and systems, thereby paving the way for increased productivity and a competitive advantage. 

Successful in Digital Commerce with Odoo

As an all-in-one business suite with over 30 main applications and additional 16,000 country-specific, industry-specific, or company-specific modules, Odoo provides the opportunity to integrate all business processes into a single modular software. For automation in digital commerce, the following Odoo apps can be utilized:

Odoo Sales

Manages the sales process from quotation creation to order processing, confirmation, and invoicing.

Odoo Inventory

Handles inventory management, stock movements, product categorization, and real-time stock location.

Odoo Finance

Manages accounting, invoicing, payments, bank accounts, and tax reporting.

Odoo Project Management

Plans, organizes, and monitors projects, including task assignments, time tracking, team communication, and progress overview.

Odoo Manufacturing

Automates and plans order manufacturing, work and time schedules, bundled products, and special promotions.

Odoo  Purchase

Handles procurement, management, and invoicing of services and products, including integrated unit conversion and analysis tool.

Odoo CRM

Organization of customer relationships, sales activities, lead tracking, customer support and communication.

Odoo Helpdesk

Manages customer support, captures support requests, tracks tickets, and facilitates customer communication.

Embrace the Digital Future with braintec and Odoo

As a leading Odoo Gold Partner in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria, braintec, together with LANDI Schweiz, has developed and implemented an omnichannel software architecture that is customer- and service-oriented from the ground up.

For over a decade, braintec has been supporting companies worldwide with tailored, high-quality, and efficient solutions for digitizing business processes. With a dedicated team of over 80 employees, braintec works in an agile, interdisciplinary manner, using the Scrum framework.

In addition to consulting, customization, and implementation of the Odoo open-source software, the company also offers training, hosting, and unique support services to its customers.

This article appeared in issue 23-2 of topsoft, the Swiss specialist magazine for digital business:

Images provided and copyright by LANDI Schweiz AG.

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