"The Hub Meet Up promotes collaboration, inclusion and identification”

"The Hub Meet Up promotes collaboration, inclusion and identification”

At braintec, we highly value an inspiring and appreciative corporate culture. Our focus is on our over 80 brains, spread across ten locations throughout Europe. We create an exceptional workplace for them, no matter where they are.

Our employees choose if they prefer to work on-site, remotely, or in a hybrid manner. This flexibility not only requires the right tools and resources for productivity but, above all, an environment where employees can work, grow, and identify with the company.

With our Hub Meet Ups, we've established a platform where our brains meet and work together. It serves as a valuable element for building and nurturing collaboration in the remote work landscape.

Kim Bühler, Head of HR at braintec, offers insight into braintec's Hub Meet Up.

Hi Kim, what is braintec's Hub Meet Up?
The Hub Meet Up is a physical gathering place for our employees to spend a typical workday together.

We offer our brains a location within their geographical vicinity up to three times a year, transforming it into their hub for 2-3 days. This can be either in one of our offices in Switzerland, Austria, Germany or Spain, in a co-working space or a hotel with meeting facilities.

What is braintec's goal with the Hub Meet Up?
We want our employees to enjoy working with us and to be enthusiastically committed to our vision and mission. This is why we provide them with a work environment defined by appreciation and plenty of freedom to individually arrange their courses of action. 

Ultimately, it's important to us that our 'brains' contribute their best to the success of braintec. The Hub Meet Up serves as the framework to facilitate this commitment. 

How exactly does the Hub Meet Up contribute to this?
These regular gatherings foster teamwork, communication, and knowledge sharing among our employees. They provide a chance for our team members to connect on a personal level and be part of a vibrant community. This not only enhances their sense of belonging but also deepens identification with our company. Furthermore, the Hub Meet Up helps communicate our corporate culture and boosts our capacity for innovation. 

How was the idea for the Hub Meet Up born?
IIn the IT industry, it's common to work remotely and within the same project teams for an extended time. Our regular employee satisfaction surveys showed that this setup occasionally led to feelings of isolation and that there is a desire for more social interactions.

We have also experienced that our annual Global Events, where our entire workforce gathers, have forged important connections and strengthened the feeling of togetherness, increasing motivation overall.

What can participants expect at the Hub Meet Up? 
IIt's all about working together and personal interactions. We dive into projects, share knowledge, fine-tune ideas, and conduct productive meetings. During breaks and lunches, the stage is set for spontaneous questions, lively discussions, and bursts of creativity. And when the workday is done, our teams wind down with an after-work aperitif and a nice dinner.

What activities are featured during the Hub Meet UP?
Most teams combine the Hub Meet Up with their team event, where they enjoy a leisure activity together on one of the days. They choose the activity themselves. From go-kart racing, paintball, and laser tag to river rafting, 4-D virtual reality games, and even beer brewing – we've done it all. These events bring our people together and boost a positive, motivating team spirit.

Are there any specific requirements to join?
No. All current employees and those joining our team in the coming months are welcome to join the Hub Meet Ups. It doesn't matter if they work remotely, in a hybrid model, or on-site and what their role may be. What's essential to note is that participating in the Hub Meet Up is always voluntary. 

How does the Hub Meet Up impact employee satisfaction?
The feedback regarding the Hub Meet Up is equally positive. Our brains consider it immensely valuable for collaboration and appreciate the resources we provide for travel, accommodations, and meals. 

Moreover, our employees relish the opportunity to work in a different and inspiring environment and to engage in exciting activities. New team members frequently share that the Hub Meet Up helps them integrate into the company quickly.

"In our recent company-wide survey, 90% of our employees expressed very high satisfaction."

Kim Laura Bühler, Head of HR

What are braintec's future plans for the Hub Meet Up?
The Hub Meet Up serves two vital purposes for us. Firstly, it empowers our remote teams, enhancing collaboration, satisfaction, and motivation. Secondly, it reflects our core values of entrepreneurship, teamwork, quality, innovation, and agility. 

We intend to conduct the Hub Meet Up regularly, gather experiences, and refine it further. Additionally, we keep evaluating it to ensure that we are achieving our objectives and that both our employees and braintec as a whole benefit from it.

Are you our new brain, supporting us on our mission? 


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