Odoo Experience 2023: Talks

The talks by braintec at the Odoo Experience 2023

In eight engaging talks, our Odoo experts shared their knowledge with the Odoo community. They provided insights into projects, implementation, and the latest developments and success stories from braintec. Watch and listen to the talks covering various aspects of Odoo.

Odoo for the production and trade of alcoholic products
Our project manager and consultant, Lukas Minder, demonstrates how Kindschi Söhne AG seamlessly integrated all their business processes into Odoo ERP. The implementation focused on compliance with legal regulations for the declaration of alcoholic products and appropriate reporting in production and trade.

Efficient warehouse management with Odoo
Helmut Stritzinger, project manager and consultant at braintec, introduces strategies for warehouse management and digitalization in Odoo. He explores wave and batch picking, including clustering, from adapting routes and rules to specific requirements, optimizing warehouse structure, to reducing time and error rates in the picking process.

Sustainable value chain in the gastronomy industry with Odoo 
Our project manager and consultant, Andreas Stauder, shares together with our customer SV Group, the success story of the leading gastronomy enterprise in Switzerland. From procurement and storage to dish preparation and guest service, Odoo ensures a seamless and outstanding experience for everyone involved.

Career Development with Odoo
Kim Bühler, Head of HR at braintec, explains how braintec has implemented a career plan with clear and structured paths for professional growth. She illustrates how such a Career Map is implemented in Odoo, enabling companies to advance the development of their talents, retain them, and promote a culture of continuous learning and advancement within the Odoo ecosystem.

International rollouts with Odoo 
Damian Bürgin, our project manager and consultant, presents strategies for multinational Odoo implementations. The braintec framework includes the organization of generic templates as a foundation for globally standardized modules and configurations, collaboration with local Odoo partners, and additional practical recommendations for international Odoo rollouts.

Odoo for the fresh food retail 
Our project manager and consultant, Max Walo, demonstrates how to effectively manage fresh goods using Odoo. Learn how to analyze delivery dates and batch availability in Odoo to determine optimal warehouse and delivery details. This customized workflow extends the standardized system with expiration date tracking, bringing transparency and efficiency to the process.

Odoo for outlet stores
Patrick Mayer, our project manager and consultant, provides insights into the utilization of Odoo for outlets offering individualized products. The focus is on implementing Odoo for a furniture outlet specializing in second-hand items. The braintec solution seamlessly integrates price lists, serial numbers, inventory, and point-of-sale (POS). It also addresses the challenge of presenting product defects and set individual prices based on condition.

Price list management in Odoo
Riccardo Fiore, project manager and consultant, shows how braintec has expanded the Odoo standard app PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and created the new PLC (Price List Change) function. This feature helps employees in sales to manage price lists and optimizes the entire production workflow. PLC includes fast and efficient price changes including an integrated approval process, revision log and validation date.

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